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Are you?
finding it difficult to cope?……….
depressed or feeling down?……..
stressed and anxious?……….
Normally we can all deal with the trials and tribulations that life throws at us. But sometimes… it all becomes too much … and that’s why one in three people will need help from a trained counsellor during their lifetime.

Through my work I provide a confidential environment to help you assess and deal with what is happening in your life.

Problems can be caused by divorce or separation, financial worries, lack of management of stress, pressure at work, ill health, relationship issues, or any number of other things.

Consequently you may be feeling depressed with no one to turn to and feel that life has very little to offer. For others, life’s problems can lead to eating disorders and constant anxiety or panic attacks. And, some people suffer from obsessive behaviour, or even self-harm.

Counselling with a professional therapist will help you to change your behaviour by using proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). By using Cognitive Behavioural Therapies and other techniques you will learn to understand the cause of your difficulties, develop coping strategies and then overcome the specific problems that you are experiencing.
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The main objective of my work is to help you get back to being “your old self” so that you can start to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

Our first meeting will give us both the opportunity to assess your needs and start to develop your personal plan for change.

Appointments can be held at my clinic at 4 Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London, W.1 as well as on Skype and Telephone.

Client Testimonials

"From just one session with you I have let go of so much pent up emotion and anxiety that has plagued me for years. EFT has revolutionised my life and I will be sure to use it in the future." Clare, London.

"When I first contacted Sandra, she listened very carefully and made the right questions in order to understand the context, always in a very respectful and open way. She lead the tapping session kindly but effectively, leaving me some freedom to express myself and complete the statements, but guiding me in the right direction and offering me new perspectives to the situation. I appreciated working with Sandra very much and I would work with her in the future." B.O., Brussels.

"My experience at the Hale Clinic with Sandra Nathan has completely changed my outlook on life and the way I deal with stress and my emotions. Anxiety and panic attacks have been a burden on my life for over 5 years, and I have found that Sandra's Emotional Freedom Technique has allowed me to deal with my emotions properly and reduced my anxiousness tremendously."
A.B. London

Children and Young People

Counselling for Children and Young People at 4 Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London

Children and young people, just like adults, from time to time face challenges in their lives. They, too, can sometimes experience psychological, emotional and behavioural problems/difficulties such as stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

In my work, I aim to enable each Child or Young Person to become clearer about what is happening to them by providing a safe and confidential space for them to understand the events of their lives, and help them overcome the specific problems they are experiencing.

We will work together to determine the cause of their presenting problems/difficulties, develop coping strategies and help them learn different ways of expressing themselves in a more positive way.

Each child is unique and I tailor our work to their specific needs, in an age appropriate manner.
In this work I use Counselling, (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, Focused Direct Work, Social Skills and Assertiveness, Art, as well as Play Therapy.

I also specialise in helping children/young people overcome exam anxiety, thereby freeing themselves to achieve their potential.

Appointments can be held at my clinic at 4 Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London, W.1 as well as on Skype and Telephone.

Contact Details & Location

Please contact me on 07960 364555
or email me at Sandra Nathan if you'd like to know more. You can even call me if you just want to have a confidential informal chat.

Apart from sessions at The Hale Clinic in Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London, I also hold Skype and Telephone sessions with clients suffering with their management of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and other troubling issues.

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Counselling, Bereavement Counselling, Childrens Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with an Integrative Counsellor at 4 Harley Street, Marylebone, Central London specialising in stress management, anxiety and panic attacks.

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